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Upcoming Shows

Hey everybody!

I’ve been doing a lot of comedy lately, and if you want to see me perform, you have THREE opportunities to see me do so this week. Here’s the info:

Tuesday, June 24th
Open Mic and Comedy Roundtable
Celtic House Pub
16522 Keystone Dr, Parker
7:30pm sign up, 8:00pm show

Friday, June 27th
Eugene Kenny’s Friday Night Showcase
Ari’s Tavern
5686 Pecos St, Denver

Sunday, June 29th
Pasties and Pottymouths
Toad Tavern
5302 S Federal Cir, Littleton

Come check out the shows!

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Kind of a Bummer- Episode Two


On episode two of Kind of a Bummer, Andrew and Darius discuss the comedians and stand-up albums that got them into comedy, they recap Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones and other tv and movies, and *GASP* mail?! All that and more on episode two!

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Questions? Comments? Hate Mail? Email us!


We here at Kind of a Bummer (meaning Darius and I) like hearing from people who enjoy what we do. Hell, we’ll even listen to you if you don’t like us. The fact that you’re taking time out of your life to pay attention to us makes us feel less insecure about ourselves, as most comics do.

As we…

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Kind of a Bummer- Episode 1


When we ponder the questions of life and the ways of the universe, one question comes to mind… Are there enough podcasts? The answer is no. It’s episode one. Will it be more like Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, or Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope? Either way, George Lucas won’t be here to fuck it up.

Welcome to Kind of a Bummer.

Help spread the word, peoples! This is the new podcast I’m part of and this is the first episode. Enjoy!

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A few previews from my official Marvel themed show at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. Opening reception is April 25th, from 7-10pm. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’m excited for people to finally see what I’ve been working on since November. 

For those asking about prints, they will be available through the gallery, and leftovers will most likely be made available through 

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Rick + Joe’s Neck = This Reaction

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